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Benchtop Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) with EDX for elemental analysis

The Future of Tabletop Microscopes is Here!

On the 25 July, 2017, Hitachi announced the release of the TM4000 and TM4000Plus tabletop microscopes. It was showcased at the recently held Microscopy & Microanalysis 2017 Meeting, in St. Louis, Missouri, USA.

The TM4000 Series supports advancements in R&D, medical, academia, and manufacturing settings by making routine operations simpler and more efficient through newly integrated technologies. This SEM features an Ultra Variable-pressure SE Detector (UVD) for low vacuum SE imaging and a high sensitivity 4-segment BSE detector for high quality compositional imaging. The UVD has been adapted from SU3500 premium VP SEM.

Low vacuum minimises moisture evaporation and subsequent shrinkage of the sample, hence reduces the need of chemical processing and Critical Point Drying (CPD) or freeze drying. Moisture evaporation from wet samples can be further reduced by purchasing an optional -50°C cooling stage.

Low vacuum also reduces surface-charging effects on electrically non-conductive samples such as insects, microorganisms, leaf, pollen, paper, wood, fabric, plastic, ceramic etc. Using low voltage in low vacuum minimises damage on beam sensitive samples. Optional cooling stage can further minimise thermal damage due to electron beam on sensitive samples.

The TM4000Plus can identify elemental information by using an optional high quality EDX system manufactured by specialist microanalysis brands Bruker or Oxford Instruments. This EDX system can detect elements from B(5) to Am(95) in both low and high vacuums. Dedicated software module for data capture, auto element ID, elemental mapping, point & line scan and automatic report generation, greatly simplify the identification of unknown materials.

Other optional and standard features include: One click “Auto Start”, Auto Focus, Auto Brightness & Contrast, colour camera navigation, XYTR motorised stage, 3D VIEW, 9 sample holder, maximum sample size 80mm diameter & 50mm height, 100,000x magnification, SE/BSE mixed signal mode and three vacuum levels.

The Hitachi TM4000Plus represents the premium benchtop SEM on the market. With 50 years of market leading SEM design and development, this 9th generation Hitachi tabletop system provides researchers with supreme image quality and superior ease of use. The TM4000Plus is an ideal choice where, high throughput is necessary, image quality is paramount, sample preparation is detrimental and a low cost of ownership is required. Designed for use by both the novice and advanced electron microscopist, the TM4000Plus is ideal for multidisciplinary environments and specialised facilities.

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TM4000Plus Benchtop SEM
Gold on carbon Benchtop SEM
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Shadow & Topo Modes Benchtop SEM
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Tungsten Filament SEMs


A New Dimension in Image Quality

The completely new SU3500 SEM features novel and innovative electron optics and signal detection systems affording unparalleled imaging and analytical performance. Designed with intuitive logic, the new user-friendly GUI provides comprehensive image observation and display functions. Engineered for a wide range of applications, including biological specimens and advanced materials, the SU3500 SEM will be the workhorse microscope in any laboratory.

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Schottky FE-SEMs


Versatile and Easy-to-Use Schottky FE-SEM

Large samples, innovative operation, convincing performance

Hitachi has released a new Schottky FESEM at the M&M in Connecticut in August 2014. The SU5000 provides a whole new user experience with the new ‘EM Wizard’ concept. The EM Wizard allows the very best results quickly and easily even at high magnification, independent of the operators skill level.

The SU5000 is an easy to use high throughput FESEM.

For low vacuum work on uncoated samples the SU5000 incorporates Hitachi's special environmental SE detector (called UVD). A new PD-BSE detector allows for true compositional contrast investigation experience and also in-lens or through the lens 'Top detector'.

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Ultra High Resolution Schottky SEM

Industry leading technology - quality and reliability

The Hitachi SU-70 Analytical Field Emission SEM combines the field proven stability, high current and brightness of the Schottky electron source with ultra high resolution required for a multitude of analytical applications. Designed with a semi-in-lens optical configuration, Hitachi's patented ExB technology provides a unique electron signal filtering and mixing system suited for today' s demanding applications for research and development and multidiscipline studies.

A large specimen stage and analytical chamber accommodate a wide variety of analytical instrumentation such as EDS*, WDS*, EBSP*, CL*, STEM, and e-Beam Lithography techniques optimized for simultaneous analysis.

The SU-70 Analytical FESEM continues the tradition of industry leading technology with the quality and reliability of Hitachi products and services recognized throughout the industry.

*:Optional items

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Cold FE-SEMs

SU8200 Series

Innovative Cold Field Emission Gun

Unmatched Resolution and Beam Stability

This novel CFE gun employs a Hitachi patented "Mild flashing" technique and a new vacuum system which greatly minimizes gas molecule deposition on the emitter tip. The emitter always operates in a "clean" state, and emission current and beam stability are significantly improved. The result is the ultimate SEM electron source offering high S/N, stability, and uncompromising resolution performance at low acceleration voltages. Further, these enhanced performance capabilities open a new gateway for low voltage elemental microanalysis.

SU8200 system features include a new top detector filtering system for enhanced electron detection specificity. Fine contrast differentiation is now achieved by selectively filtering inelastic scattering electrons and directly detecting specific energy back scattered electrons. This selective filtering is particularly powerful for enhancing material contrast at low acceleration voltages. Vibration control measures for the stage and chamber, and optimization of the optical system contribute to the high resolution system performance of 0.8 nm at 15 kV and 1.1 nm at 1 kV.

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Advanced Mineral Identification and Charaterisation System (AMICS)

Addon system for SEM systems

The Advanced Mineral Identification and Characterisation System (AMICS) is a software package that allows for the automated identification and quantification of minerals. It utilises advanced imaging and analysis software capabilities and can be linked to a Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) and Energy Dispersive X-ray analysis (EDS) hardware platforms.


  • High resolution images
  • Advanced up-to-date image analysis are used to segment particles ensuring accurate mineral boundary identification and particle separation
  • Innovative mineral identification technology and a comprehensive mineral database enables quick and easy identification of minerals
  • Online classification allows quick access to data for quality control
  • Relative error calculations are included for modal data to ensure confidence in results
  • Fast analysis and calculation times by means of utilising the latest computer technology and software processes
  • User-friendly interface ensures a short learning curve
  • Multiple samples can be analysed
  • Suitable for various sample types and applications

Uses for AMICS

The system is useful for research and industry alike. The main field of application is still mining, but its uses also include fields such as oil and gas, geoscience, coal, industrial minerals, refining and recycling. The image below shows a standard particle output, and typical charts designed for use in mining.

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TM3030Plus Benchtop SEM
Gold on carbon Benchtop SEM
Dirt on sample stub Benchtop SEM
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Mosquito Benchtop SEM
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