FEMTOLASERS joins the Spectra-Physics Lasers Group and adds cutting-edge ultrashort pulse technology to Spectra-Physics' industry-leading portfolio of ultrafast lasers. FEMTOLASERS is widely recognised for developing the world's highest precision short pulse ultrafast lasers, including the most advanced and stable carrier-envelope-phase stabilisation technology as well as ultrafast lasers with pulse widths in the few femtoseconds and the highest contrast ratios. FEMTOLASERS products and technologies enable some of the most advanced research applications, including the pioneering of attosecond science to study physical, chemical and biological phenomena at the atomic and subatomic levels.

SPL Acquires Femtolasers

OPS-A Series Arc Lamp Power Supplies

OPS-A Series Arc Lamp Power Supplies
High stability power supply for 50 - 500 W DC arc lamps

The OPS-A® model power supplies by Oriel are designed to meet the precise requirements for proper operation of DC arc lamps. These power supplies are capable of operating in constant power, current, and intensity modes to produce the high stability light output typically required for radiometric measurement, when used with the appropriate Oriel lamp, lamp housing, and if necessary, socket adapter. Contact us for more details.

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New Low cost A$50 flat rate shipping option for small Newport component orders for Australian customers. Contact Us for more details.


V-GEN now part of Newport Corporation
Quality, Reliability and Innovation.

V-Gen develops, manufactures and markets high quality innovative laser systems for a wide range of industrial applications. The company‘s laser systems are the product of extensive experience and the cutting-edge know-how that V-Gen‘s professional team has developed over the years.

In the industrial field, the company develops and manufactures pulsed Ytterbium, Thulium, Erbium, Green and UV fiber-lasers for such applications as micromachining, fine processing and marking. V-Gen‘s short pulse versions are also implemented in LIDAR and range-finding.

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V-Gen UV Laser

Hitachi HT7700
Fully digital 120 kV TEM

The revolutionary new-style HT7700 120 kV TEM from Hitachi is set to make life much easier for microscopists. HT7700 features 100% integration of all functions into the graphical user interface. The HT7700 is the latest in Hitachi‘s popular H-7000 series of TEMs optimized for high contrast imaging at low electron doses, of which over 800 units have been shipped world-wide.

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The World‘s Most Affordable Supercontinuum Laser

The new SuperK COMPACT is a cost efficient turn-key supercontinuum white light source with a wide output spectrum that covers the entire 450-2400 nm region. The output is single mode with a brightness many orders of magnitude larger than that of other white light sources like incandescent lamps and with far more bandwidth than ASE sources or SLEDs.

The light is delivered in a single mode fibre terminated with either a standard FC/PC connector or our high quality collimator.

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Long-Travel Industrial Linear Stages
Robust, industrial-grade, high throughput and reliability.

The IDL Series, a robust family of industrial-grade linear stages designed for high throughput and reliability. Specifically designed for laser micro-machining applications that require high precision, down to 250 nm. Additional features for use in industrial environments include a hard top cover, flexible side bands and air purge.

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